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Login account: Forgot login? > PetLink is 24 hour, 7 days a week registry and recovery service dedicated to creating permanent connections between pet. PetLink identification products alert everyone at-a-glance that your pet has a microchip, and can help speed its chance of getting scanned and returned to you if. PetLink 24/7/ Pet Microchip Registration and Recovery Service - creating permanent bonds between owners and User Login. Welcome back! Log-in here.

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How can I manage PetLink communications? How do I add my vet to my PetLink profile? We offer significant discounts to One Year customers who are upgrading to Lifetime Registration before their One Year Registration expires. Will the microchip wear out and need to be replaced? I have a microchip number I have a microchip but do not know the microchip number I do not have a microchip number Follow the instructions given to fill in all the information about yourself and your pet Provide payment to complete registration, if required. When properly implanted, a microchip should not migrate or move beyond an inch or so. For information on finding a vet in your area that carries Datamars and Microfindr microchips, please contact us at petlink petlink. petlink login Do I have to register with the pet registry suggested by my veterinarian? Veterinary practices and clinics must choose to enroll online mobile casinos australia with PetLink in order to safeguard their privacy and ensure that only licensed veterinarians are registered. You never know which of the microchips will be detected first — so better safe than sorry. Each pet must have a valid 9-,or digit microchip. Is microchipping painful for my pet? Please check your spam filter settings to petlink login you receive email from PetLink. Your pet has passed away The registered owner has passed away Your pet was returned or rehomed You wish to register with another microchip database We will do all we can to assure that your request is fulfilled.


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The PetLink website will let you know what type of registration type your microchip has during the registration process. PetLink will periodically notify you via email when your One Year Registration is due to expire. Thank you for this invaluable service. Only accredited animal shelters, rescues or humane societies can be registered as Animal Professionals with PetLink. Register Lost Pet Found pet Together again Store FAQ Contact Us Privacy Statement Managing PetLink Communications Sitemap.


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